Pointless Search Engines

useless is the designed to help show you the many different pointless places on the Web.If you search for “useless websites” on Google and other search engines, you will notice that there are several similar sites that take you to a variety of pointless web pages. However, the thing is that you can only see 1 site at a time.When it comes to finding useless stuff online, this is probably one of the most popular sources used. It is called The Useless Web. It is a one-page site that sends you to many of the dumbest places around the Web. If you click on the pink button that says “Please,” you will be taken to 1 page that will open on another web browser. If you want to see another site, hit the big pink button again.

This is just one of several sites on the Internet that are quite similar to The Useless Web. If you simply click on the big grey “Website” button, you will be sent to one web page at a time.This is another interactive web page. It features a black worm with tiny white eyes. The worm will follow your cursor wherever it goes. If you keep moving your cursor on or near the worm, it will do suddenly do something unexpected.